Promoting Responsible Gaming

At Uwin33, we value our players and hope that online casino gaming is a form of entertainment that can be enjoyed responsibly. It is our mission to ensure the online casino games to continues to be a fun and entertaining experience and it is our duty to ensure our customers received the proper guidance to keep you playing safe.

As one of the Asia’s largest online casino, we have implemented a set of company policies and regulation to guide our customers to responsible gambling. We will do our best to make sure that our players are able to enjoy our services in a safe, secure and supportive environment.

Preventing Compulsive Gambling

Uwin33 recognises that majority of the people gamble for leisure purpose, however there will be a small number of people who might become too obsessed with gambling due to the potential of monetary gains that our gaming platform are able to offer. When one’s gambling habit is seemingly becoming too compulsive, it can be become a problem that should be to be taken and tackled with seriously. Our company have implemented a number of precautious steps to address this matter:

  •       1. Our employees haver underwent trainings that incorporates approaches and skills to take appropriate actions whenever they noticed any compulsive or
              underage gambling.
  •       2. We have Customer Support Specialist operations for those who may hope to acquire our assistance.
  •       3. Upon one’s request, we will terminate your account and refraining you from participating in your gaming rooms.

Preventing Underage Gambling

Uwin33 only accept customers over the age of 18 to play its casino games. It is an offense for underage player to participate in the gaming activity.

Our online casino is not designed to attract children to enter our platform. To prevent any occurrence of underage gambling, we will request for the player identification and verification if we detect a customer is below 18.

Nevertheless, in the modern age internet are easily accessible anywhere and especially in many homes. Therefore, parents and guardians should take note and carry out some prevention work beforehand to ensure the safety of your children. Below here are some tips for parents:

  •       • Do not have any online casino gaming software running on your computer when your children are left unattended.
  •       • Take extra care on your devices with direct access to the gaming services.
  •       • Ensure there is a need of password access for all the online casino programs.
  •       • Do not encourage persons under 18 to participate in any online casino gaming activity.
  •       • Keep the log in details of your online casino accounts out of the reach of your children.
  •       • Ensure your children know about the legality and risks of underage gambling.
  •       • Take note and monitor the time and activity when your children go online.

Unfortunately, no prevention is foolproof. If you noticed any suspicion of a person below the age of 18 who is accessing our platform, please notify our Customer Support Specialist at support@uwin33.com.

Setting Self-Limits

Uwin33 are very committed to making sure our players are able to enjoy themselves to the fullest while playing at our platform. However, one should know the limits of gambling and it is important to keep control of your action and ensure you only spend time and money that you are able to afford.

To help our players to set limits that are tailored to themselves, take note of the following measures:

  •       1. Knowing what defines an acceptable loss for you before begin your games.
  •       2. Keeping track of how often do you join a game.
  •       3. Keeping track of how long do you spend on each game.

After accessing the above measure, use the answers to determine the limits on money and time that you should spend on each session and how often you should be participating in any game.

If you are concerned about your current gambling habits or you hope to get more guidance to prevent compulsive gaming, we are able to help you stay in control of your limits. Please do contact our Customer Support Specialist that are available 24hours at our Contact Us page.

Self-exclusion & Account Restriction

If, at any stage, you become disillusion about your very own gambling behavior and activity, please do ask yourself the four questions below:

  •       • Is the casino gaming heavily interfering with your current responsibility and occupation?
  •       • Are you making up and paying off debts to your previous losses?
  •       • Are you developing an addictive disorder to gambling activity?
  •       • Do you ever gamble under the influence of alcohol or illegal consumption?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to one of the questions above, we suggest you to seek for professional advice and self-exclusion to our Customer Support Specialist.

By request for self-exclusion, we shall uphold all of your account(s) to the extent of any gaming platform operated by us, in accordance to the agreed provisions of the User Agreement.

If you wish to reactivate your account, you will need to contact our Customer Support Specialists to request for assistance to your account before you are able to gain access back to it.