Main Wallet Balance
*Please make sure you select the same deposit and withdrawal network, or your assets may be lost, UWIN33 will not bears any loss.
  1. Deposit through Crypto is required to be withdrawn via Crypto as well.
  2. Member can either scan the QR code or copy the Address to start the transaction.
  3. Every member has their own unique Deposit Address for Crypto. When the above address receives Crypto, it will automatically credit into your UWIN33 Main Wallet Balance.
  4. The Exchange Rate is indicative. The actual rate and amount credited can only be determined after submission of the transaction.
  5. Member need to login to their own respective Crypto Currency account and make the transfer (same as interbank transfer), send Crypto only to the respective Deposit Address shown in our deposit page, and make sure you select the correct network.
  6. Sending Crypto to wrong address or wrong network may result in the loss of your deposit and UWIN33 will not take any responsibility for this.
  7. Credit will automatically credited into your wallet after the transaction is confirmed. Normally it takes 5-15 minutes to reflect in your Main Wallet Balance.
  8. Deposit through Crypto will not entitled for any Welcome Bonus and Daily Deposit Bonus.
  9. UWIN33 will not bears any transaction fees.